Other games

  • Parcheesi


    Parcheesi can be played from 2 to 4 players or in pairs. Try to reach the target with all your pieces before the opponents. Superparcheesi with 2 dice included.

    Online Parcheesi
  • Dominoes


    Dominoes is a game from 2 to 4 people or in pairs. The aim of the game is to place all your tiles before the opponents and receive the highest number of points.

    Dominoes game
  • Pictiomatic


    Pictiomátic is a draw and guess game like pictionary. Bring out the artist in you and hit the secret words to score points.

    Pictionary or isketch
  • Battleship


    Battleship is a game of ships for two people. The aim of this game is to sink the fleet of your opponent before yours is destroyed.

  • Chess


    Chess is a 3D game for 2 people which is played on a board divided into 64 squares and 16 pieces for each player. The winner is the one who puts the king in checkmate.

    Online chess
  • Checkers


    To play checkers, move your pieces over the squared board and try to capture or block all the opponent’s pieces.

    Checkers game
  • Xwords


    The most popular word game in the world. Combine the letters and get the highest score. Requires both observation and reflection.

  • Pool


    Pool is a 3D game for 2 people or in pairs. It is possible to choose the 8-ball variation between the official and the popular rules.

    Pool game
  • Minigolf


    Minigolf is a 3D golf game in which 2 to 6 people can play at the same time. The winner is the player who finishes the court with less shots and less time.

    Minigolf game
  • Superbuteo


    Superbuteo is a 3D soccer game for 2 players and per rounds. Choose the best formation for your players and define your strategy to win the game.

    Online soccer game
  • Tetriwar!


    Tetris multiplayer, from 1 to 4 people. Place the pieces to make horizontal lines and receive points. Make use of the bombs to take advantage.

    Online Tetris game
  • Goldsweeper


    Show your mental agility on this “minesweeper”: find the hidden treasures before your opponents and win the game. From 2 to 4 players.

    Minesweeper game
  • Xquare


    Define your strategy and make more squares of your color than your opponents. From 2 to 4 players.


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